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to the Utah Road User System

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Welcome to Mileage-Based Tolling

Utah Department of Transportation is changing to serve you better. As the use of gasoline decreases, revenues from fuel taxes also decrease. In order to offset these losses, we've created a fair and sustainable way to fund road maintenance and improvements for all. It's an innovative way to pay for your transportation system needs, where you pay a per-mile fee. If your vehicle uses gasoline or diesel in addition to electric or another power source, your per-mile fee is reduced to compensate for the fuel tax you pay.

Keep Utah Moving

Historically, fuel tax funds have been the main source for road maintenance and improvements. Today, those funds are decreasing rapidly. So, to keep Utah roads safe and enjoyable for all, we've begun implementing a fair, reliable source of revenue through mileage-based tolling for alternate fuel vehicles. Also called, Road User Charging, it is a proven system for funding critical infrastructure needs, and it is easy to join.

  • You pay a road usage charge for the amount of miles you drive.

  • Your road usage charge will depend on the type of vehicle you drive and whether or not it still uses fossil fuel.

  • You will have your choice of secure mileage-reporting options.

  • Your personal information will be kept secure and private.

How It Works

1. Sign Up

It only takes a few minutes to register. Just have your registration card and odometer reading of your vehicle handy. You'll be notified on the status of your application within 2 business days.

Sign Up

2. Install

Just plug the emovis® monitoring device into the diagnostic port of your vehicle, then download the emovis® app to your smartphone. Some vehicles have internal systems, which can allow monitoring without a device. If yours does, you will be notified during the sign-up process.

Watch the Tutorial

3. Drive

No further action is required, just drive. You can follow your mileage online. A summary of your road charges will be sent to you every three months.


The UDOT Traffic app is available for download in the iPhone App Store and Google Play.

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